Owner (s):  _____________________________ of Unit #:  ______________

Phone #:

 _______________(work)   _______________(home)

Description and Specifications:

(Please continue on another piece of paper if needed & remember to include your diagram)

Work to be done by:____________________________________________

All work performed, either by a contractor or a homeowner, must be approved by registering with the Manager and familiarizing themselves with an As-built Plan. As part of the approval, the contractor MUST submit an Insurance Certificate of Liability before the work is started.

As the Unit Owner, I/we agree to be totally responsible for the entire installation, maintenance and upkeep (replacement, insurance, etc.) for the above request, if approved. This agreement will be made part of any agreement of sale that I/we may enter into for the above-mentioned unit.

Date:_______________   Signature:_____________________________

Date:_______________   Signature:_____________________________

Return form to: Cranberry Estates Architectural Committee
c/o Continental Property Management, Inc. · 975 Easton Road, Suite 102 · Warrington, PA 18976
Phone (215) 343-1550 · Fax (215) 491-5620
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Date Submitted to the Architectural Committee: ____________  Approved: Y N Date: ____________
Date Submitted to the Board of Directors: ____________            Date Rejected: ____________

Notification was made on: _______________ in the form of a __________________
Notification was made by: _________________