Instructions for Request for Architectural & Landscape Changes

Changes and additions for which approval must be obtained include all proposed exterior additions and landscaping changes that extend to common elements.

Please state as concisely as possible the nature of the request to be considered. Cite any part of the Architectural Guidelines or Rules & Regulations which will be relevant to the Board's decision.

  1. Before completing this form, please refer to the current Architectural Standards to make sure that the request you are making is in compliance with these policies.
  2. All requests must be submitted in writing to the attention of the Architectural Committee, c/o the address below.
  3. This form, a sketch or diagram of the proposed change, and an Indemnity Agreement signed by the Owner of the Unit must be submitted with each request.
  4. Describe in detail on the reverse side, of the application form, the architectural change you would like to make. Please be as specific as possible. Be certain to state the placement of the change in relation to your unit, specific dimensions of all materials, the type of materials to be used, the reason the change is requested, and any other appropriate information. Lack of sufficient detail may result in your request being denied, thus delaying the initiation of any change.
  5. Return the application, indemnity agreement, and the requested information to the following address:

Cranberry Estates
Architectural Committee
C/O Continental Property Management, Inc.
975 Easton Road, Suite 102
Warrington, PA 18976